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The Coffee Academy

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PO Box 11139, Centurion, South Africa, 0046
083 445 5606
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The Coffee Academy is an educational training operator standing in the service of the International Hospitality Industry for the upliftment of the standard of products offered in the Food & Beverage sector. The training will conclude the preparation and service of all Speciality Coffee beverages.

The Coffee Academy takes up the responsibility to offer impeccable service to its clients. Through the belief of integrity, honesty and excellence, all teaching material will be well-researched and tested in every relevant area and offered accordingly.

Barista Training in South Africa
Coffee is consumed as a hot or cold beverage by about one-third of the world's population, and its total consumption is larger that that of any other beverage, except tea. As stated in the vision of the Eastern African Fine Coffee Association (EAFCA): “Improving the quality of life through the quality of coffee”, this beverage certainly improves the lives of most South Africans as it claims to be the drink to be enjoyed first thing in the morning, while closing deals, during relaxation times and every time in between.

The question is whether the specialty coffee is being prepared correctly and is it prepared by well-trained baristas? Should this not be the case, the quality of the specialty coffee will decrease. Another question is whether South Africans are showing increasing interest in drinking quality prepared coffee?

South Africa is setting new global standards by ensuring that tourism is economically and socially sustainable. There is also no doubt that, as a preferred travel destination, South Africa is becoming increasingly globally competitive and a force to be reckoned with. (FEDHASA: Responsible Tourism Awards for the South African Hospitality and Tourism Industries 2004, Winners Guide).

When visiting South Africa, tourists should be offered the same or a better cup of quality coffee as they would receive in their own country. The primary function of a coffee shop is to deliver total quality products and services to its target markets. This can only be achieved by creating an environment in which management and staff are enabled to offer constantly improving quality work, generated from their educational and trained abilities. The question is raised of how to improve its employee’s educational qualification.

The Coffee Academy aims to be accredited at the SETA Theta and offer a registered Unit Standard, “The Preparation of Speciality Coffee”. The aim of this course will add credit to specified courses offered by Theta. The need for training employees or prospective employees in specific job allocations, should be highly considered by employers and training institutions. This is necessary for the sustainability of South Africa’s tourism sector. Specialised service should be offered, thus specialized training is needed.

A qualification will improve the trainee's self esteem and add value to the type of service offered at the organization e
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byNita Wilker

October 19, 2010

The street address would help to find you.

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